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The unusual union of veteran hip hop and soul producer, SneekyCreeky, and session vocalist-singer/songwriter, Emily Coy, has given birth to a fresh and funky sound for a new generation of listeners. With decades of combined eclectic musical experience, this duo is shaking up the perception of genres and musical fusion with every song they create.

Their debut collaboration, Fox & Mew - “in cahoots”, brings to the table an undeniably commercial mix of soul, funk and disco that is influenced by musical greats of the past and present. They welcome the chance for their new EP to be heard and enjoyed by industry players and listeners across the globe.

Mark Dawson (Fox) first began recording at age 12. With a natural love of music, Mark immersed himself in the world of midi sequencing and embraced digital audio during its infancy. Performing as lead guitarist in a number of funk and soul groups through his teens and early 20s, Mark continued to develop his love for live music and recording. Switching focus during his late 20s back towards recording, Mark became the producer and primary composer for electronic/soul collective 'Disco Volante'. During this time he completed 4 Independent albums alongside a number of remix and collaborative works. More recently Mark has turned his attention towards Hip Hop as producer ­SneekyCreeky of the Scottish Rap outfit: Cauld Cauldron.

Emily Coy (Mew) is a professional studio vocalist and voice over artist. She has both national campaigns and international commercials on her resume, as well as released tracks with labels from all over the world. Coy has been called a "vocal chameleon"; her ability to tackle and bring a professional, commercial sound to any genre ­ from pop to house, rock to dnb ­ has made her a viable player in the industry. She looks forward to working with and producing hits for the very best producers worldwide. While she enjoys writing contemporary pop and rock, Emily is fully capable of writing in many different genre styles. She also enjoy composing classical compositions for use in film/television, aswell as chill tempo and trip hop beds under her producer name, oasisDuke.

"Fox & Mew – 'in cahoots', features powerful anthems and intimate funky rhythms, led by Emily Coy’s signature soulful voice and personable and relatable lyrics. The songs on are anchored  and sonically broadened by heavy drums, electric sounds, funk, jazz and future soul, which gives the album an evolved, modern-day feel while simultaneously sounding like a classic body of timeless music." -

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  "Welcome to this fresh little EP from Fox And Mew called In Cahoots, with a musical sound based on some truly old-school funk infused with a modern-day R&B twist through the creative vocals.  All in all, it’s a collaboration of sounds that works very effectively; Fox And Mew have played it very smart here with a tight set of five songs guaranteed to get some rumps bumpin’ this summer." - Jer @

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